Community Psychology Project – Roger

We want to engage in creative conversation around projects and opportunities to increase our understanding of community psychology, learn what contributes to creating community and what militates against our ability to create community, and  and in learning what contributes to improving our ability to create community that we can demonstrate in each of our projects.

We set Psychology as the category for all posts. That means that everyone who would like to be kept informed about the project can subscribe for all posts published in this category, or for one or more of the projects or other sub-categories.

Our interest is to ensure what we publish contributes to the interests of all of the audiences we serve, as well as each others interests and our common interests as a creative team. We each have the ability to create posts, edit posts, post comments, moderate comments, edit comments, and probably a few other things.

When we create a post, we are creating a conversation, and we are the moderator of the conversation. Contributions to the conversation are made in the comment boxes. The moderator publishes contributions and may edit them in the interests of the audience and the contributor. Contributors hold the moderator accountable. The moderator changes and republishes the post in the interests of the audience of subscribers and the larger community.

How we improve our ability to create conversation and develop our community of interest around this Community Psychology Project will take place here.  The conversation on how we work with one another around the logistics of the project can take place in a sub-category called Getting Together. We could password protect our posts there.

We want to maximize our contribution to our current and future audiences as we learn and create. If a communication can be improved we can edit it directly. The moderator will determine when and what to finally publish. All post revisions are saved and accessible for review.