Community Psychology

Creating community around the idea of creating community

Our common interests

  • To increase our understanding of community psychology and what contributes to and militates against our ability to create community.
  • To create community with the stories project, we provide the opportunity for people to tell their stories.
  • To get people enthusiastic about creating community with stories and about sharing in the experience of creative community enterprise.
  • To create connections by coming to know one another better and learning more about our community and our common interests as a community.
  • To invite people to explore the idea of creating community through stories.


What is community? How do we define it?
How do we measure community?
What contributes to creating community?
What militates against our ability to create community?
Why create community?
How do we create community?
What ideas, activities, and enterprises contribute to creating community?
How do we experience community?
How do we imagine the experience of community?
How do stories contribute?
How do trust, relationships, and creative community enterprise contribute?
What changes in attitudes and ideas could contribute to creating community?
What is required to make ‘creating community with stories’ a creative community enterprise?
What is the opportunity we are creating?
How could the opportunity for people to contribute stories about the community, about themselves, about what community is, and how they feel about community contribute?
Who benefits from the opportunity?
Who could benefit from the opportunity?
How does it contribute to creating community?

Opportunities for community contributors

What opportunities and possibilities does the stories project and exploring community psychology create for community contributors?

For example

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre
Heritage Vancouver
The Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts
Atira Women’s Resource Society
The Building Community Society
Building Opportunities with Business
The Vancouver Economic Development Commission
The Community Arts Council of Vancouver

The enterprise

To collaborate around projects designed to connect community contributors and leaders in creative enterprise around ideas, opportunities, and initiatives that contribute to common social interests in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A project of the University of British Columbia Community Psychology ProgramĀ 

Community contribution projects

The story project

Exploring how giving our community the opportunity to contribute stories, connect with each other, and create conversations around common interests, ideas, initiatives, and enterprises could contribute to creating community and creative community enterprise.

Creating opportunities for seniors project

Exploring how seniors could create community and creative community enterprise by creating opportunities for one another that contribute to creative community enterprise that connects and contributes to creating community.

From volunteer to contributor


Michelle Atkinson
Roger Chilton
Joshua Harskamp
Mariel Lopa
Jason Watters