Creating an organic community narrative

I have been thinking about the idea of creating a virtual collage of autobiographical short stories from residents of the downtown east-side. Something that could be accessed by everyone in Vancouver that would give insight to what it means to live in that neighbourhood. I could see this project acting as a timeline of action in the downtown eastside.

1. Residents could be interviewed and recorded with their consent – edited transcriptions could be posted upon their approval.

2. Maybe develop a wiki-based site that could be edited as a organic story board, a narrative of the different periods of the east-side for example “tell me about the 60’s” ” tell me about Expo” “What were the early 90’s like?” Individual stories in written and in audio form could be uploaded onto the website.

3. The project could be released at different points in print, for example – “the organic story of Hastings in the 1970’s” – and presented to the public as a collection of snapshots from that era.

Joshua Harskamp