Creating Community With Shared Stories

Our creative enterprise is designed to create a sense of community within Old Vancouver by providing community contributors, – individuals and community enterprises – with the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas with others in the community.  People are able to contribute their personal stories and read the stories contributed by others.

The story project is rooted in these ideas –

  • Communities are filled with personal and shared stories.
  • A sense of community is created when people share their stories with the community.
  • Individuals share similar experiences, thoughts, and ideas about the community.
  • Contribution, involvement, and trust create community.
  • Every member’s contribution to the community is equally valued.

Community contributors will have the opportunity to share their experiences of Old Vancouver. On-site computers and recording equipment can be found throughout the community. People can write a story of up to 500 words or record a story of up to 5 minutes that contributes to the knowledge of the community.  Aspiring writers within the community will aid story-tellers in editing their contributions.  Stories from community contributors that showcase unique experiences will be moderated, organized, and published online.

Michelle Atkinson