Organic Community Story Project – March 8, 2010

Conversation, March 8, 2010
Michelle Atkinson, Roger Chilton, Joshua Harskamp, Mariel Lopa,

Organic Community Story Project
A creative community enterprise curating the original and historical stories of the Downtown Eastside

1) Creating a space on the web and spaces in the community that allows people to share stories in a compact digestible format

2) Creating an easy sharing experience for all contributors

– allowing audio and text content to be shared

– collaborating with Writers in Residence to guide contributors through the “storying” process

– partnering with community spaces to create sharing kiosks

3) Sharing and celebrating the stories with special events – providing event information through creative commons website – eventually publishing cohesive collections based on “eras” or shared content of stories

4) Moderating and sorting stories to aid navigation and understanding for the reader

5) Using the stories to understand issues within the community.  How do stories apply to women’s needs? What are storytellers saying about any given subject?

6) Organically changing peoples perspectives as the project develops

Creative Connections

Hope in Shadows