The Story of the Storytelling Project

The Storytelling Project started as a vision for creating communities around Old Vancouver by allowing people to communicate and share their ideas and stories. The project would set up kiosks in various “community centres” such as the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts and the Carnegie Centre to allow individuals in the community to record approximately 5 minute audio, audio-visual, or written stories.

These stories will be streamlined and curated so that each story contributes to the community. Beside each kiosk, an instruction poster will give guidelines on the kind of stories encouraged and perhaps starting point of what kind of stories to share. In conjunction with the Storytelling Project, the Writers in Residence program may also come into play where there is a possibility for writers to be around the kiosk areas for a certain period of time during the day to assist people in making their stories work for them and for the community.

The stories will then be organized on a website, giving others inside and outside the community online access to them. In the future, a book may be created with these stories to allow people without computers to access them.

By giving people the opportunity to contribute their thoughts, this creative enterprise aims to create connections and form networks, which will provide benefits such as additional opportunities, feelings of empowerment, and a sense of community to the individuals who contribute to it. The Storytelling Project will hopefully enlighten those outside the community as to what the community is about beyond its surface.

Mariel Lopa